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We assume that you are here because the U.S. Coast Guard told you that you need to be in compliance with the Drug Testing Regulations. They were right, and we can get you covered.

We know the regulations are complicated, but we can make it simple and inexpensive to keep you in compliance.

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Coast Guard requires testing for:

 1. Pre-employment (drugs only)

 2. Random Testing (25% unannounced testing per year)(drugs only)

 3. Periodic: USCG Licenses and Documents, original and renewal (drugs only)

 4. Serious Marine Incident or Post Accident (drugs and alcohol)

 5. Reasonable cause (reasonably suspected)(drugs only)

Of the five situations noted above, the two offering the most confusion to the small boat operator are Pre-employment and random.


A pre-employment test is required when someone is hired to work on a boat in a position that includes vessel or passenger safety (generally interpreted to mean "all hands").